Table of Contents

PURR = Persist, Understand, Refine, Repeat!

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I.   When Google “Cyber-Fired” Me
II.  Digital Age Basics
III. Awaken Your PURR Power™
IV.  Choose Your Strategy
V.   Deepen Your Inspiration
VI.  Income Stream Classes
VII. The PURR Power Wheel™
1. Vision
1.1. Your Lateral Thinking Engine (Vision)
1.2. Vision Exercises (Vision)
1.3. Your Unique Vision (Vision)
1.4. Your Success Metrics (Vision)
1.5. Thinking Big in Steps (Vision)
2. Plan
2.1. The Flow Factor (Plan)
2.2. The PM Triangle (Plan)
2.3  Research Profit Potential (Plan)
2.4. SMART PURR Tasks (Plan)
2.5. Spin Planning (Plan)
3. Risks
3.1. Identify Risks (Risks)
3.2. Plan Risk Responses (Risks)
4. Invest
4.1. Needs vs. Wants (Invest)
4.2. Budget Funding (Invest)
5. Manage
5.1. PURR Task Management (Manage)
5.2. Spin Review Time (Manage)
6. Problem Solve
6.1. PURR RESCUE Cycle (Problem Solve)
6.2. Problem Solving Techniques (Problem Solve)
6.3. Solution Impediments (Problem Solve)
7. Team Build
7.1. Team Building Options (Team Build)
7.2. Outsourcing Tasks (Team Build)
7.3. Build a Virtual Team (Team Build)
7.4. Train and Manage (Team Build)
8.  Measure
9.  Persist
10. Understand
11. Refine
12. Repeat
VIII. Tools and Techniques
i.   The Promised Technique (Tools and Techniques)
ii.  Digital Age Techniques (Tools and Techniques)
iii. Getting Traffic (Tools and Techniques)
iv.  Digital Age Tools (Tools and Techniques)
IX. Success Stories
X.  Your Hero’s Journey
XI. Conclusion


“If you’re looking for a high-energy introduction to making money in the digital age, then PURR by Bradley Morgan is a wonderful place to start…

Morgan takes readers through the many ups and downs of working for yourself, and generating passive income along the way…

Bradley Morgan comes across as a man who was once forced to find a new way to succeed in a changing world, and is now generously offering the wisdom gleaned from his experience for others to use…

For people who want to be led by the hand through all self-help process steps, this book is perfect – even providing questionnaires and participatory sections within the text. By engaging readers to ask themselves hard questions, Morgan does what a good self-help book should: force introspection…

There is no denying the incredible amount of research that went into this sizable book. It is a valuable guidebook for everyone who wants to get their feet wet in the world of e-commerce…” Self-Publishing Review, 4 Stars