Your Online Business Destiny #YOBD – Lesson 3

Brainstorming and Prioritizing your Online Business Ideas

“Each of us is a unique strand in the intricate web of life and here to make a contribution.”Deepak Chopra

In Lesson 2 we talked about writing the lists you generated on cue cards. This makes it easier to mix and match your online business ideas,  to come up with “connection ideas”.

It can be much easier to differentiate yourself with a combination of ideas that make sense for you.

For example, in my PURR Passive Income Power book, I combine my experiences in the following areas:

  • 10 years of online business experience
  • 1 year teaching adults in a classroom setting
  • Professional project management experience
The unique value proposition of my book evolved from these “connection ideas” related to my past experiences.

How to Use your Results from Lesson 2

Just like sitting down to write a book typically works better with an outline, you now have some raw data to continue brainstorming online business ideas that fit you and your unique situation…

Using your Lesson 2  lists as input, create the following lists:

1. Who could you serve with connection ideas from the Lesson 2 lists?

Potential employers, customers, industries, organizations, communities etc.  All ideas targeted at making a living must provide value to someone.

2. What completely outrageous goals could you see as a result of the earlier lists?

This is a list where thinking big is the goal. Sometimes bigger goals are more attainable because they motivate you every single day. They drive you forward with a strong sense of purpose.

3. What reasonable goals could you set for yourself?

Reasonable doesn’t have to mean small. Which connection ideas from the Lesson 2 lists can you see yourself doing something with right now?

Try using phrases from your Lesson 2 lists to feed an internet search engine to help you come up with ideas for this next set of lists.

The internet is probably the best brainstorming tool ever invented, with the added benefit that most of the ideas it generates will be a reflection of what others are actually doing in the real world.

For example, in my book I have a section where I brainstorm ideas for a painter. It never occurred to me there would be a market for hand painted replicas of famous works of art, until the kind of research I am describing here led me to a website that sold them.

Consider search phrases like “how to make a living from __________”, or combine 2 or more ideas into a single search to find ways the ideas can be combined into something that could form a basis for your Vision.

Consider going beyond the standard Google search to include the search tools on sites like Youtube and Amazon.

Organizing and Prioritizing

Now that you have some compelling goals that provide value to others, organize them into themes and prioritize:

1. Organize goals into themes.

For instance, all goals related to an interest in painting can be grouped into a painting theme.

2. Prioritize themes and goals.

List themes in priority order based on which ones you would feel most energized working on. Within each theme list goals in priority order according to which ones would make the most sense for you to work on first.

Today’s Homework Assignment:

Get caught up

We are covering a lot in the first few lessons. Today’s homework assignment is just to get caught up with today’s Lesson, as well as the previous Lessons  and assignments if you haven’t done them yet.

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